Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The difference between temperature control mod and adjustable voltage mod

Many vapers may have experienced the different feelings these two mods bring. Similarly, every person has different opinions about the same problem. Generally, the temperature control is thought as the advanced one and more vapers have preference for the stable taste temperature control mod brings. Actually they adopt two different modes to achieve the vaping taste. Temperature control mod is to utilize the chip to control the temperature of coil at your setted one so usually the taste is stabler and richer, purer, more fully to display the taste. Adjustable voltage mod seems to achieve the similar effect in a wild way by adjusting voltage and wattage output. Though they work for the same goal, the common result is that temperature control generally achieves better taste. Of course, the coil material they employ is also distinctive. Atomizer head with TC function often takes the Ti or Ni as the heating wire and common atomizer head use Kanthal as heating wire. Hope these knowledge is helpful for you when choosing suitable electronic cigarette equipment. Eleaf iStick 40W is a perfect combination of these two functions. Get a genuine one on official authorized distributor website.


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