Friday, October 30, 2015

The detailed difference between the mechanical and electronic e-cig mod

If you have set foot in the vaping, you must know the mechanical e-cig is different from electronic one. However, you may don't know well the real difference between them. Now let's probe into the real truth.

Electronic cigarett can be divided into two parts, the battary, the atomizer. Generally, on one hand, the electronic one contains a circuit board and a mechanical mod doesn't have a circuit control. On the other hand, the electronic one holds the adjustable voltage feature and vapers can freely adjust voltage to obtain the desired vapor production and taste, but you can not adjust the voltage by a mechanical mod. Specific differences in below three aspects are:

The difference in battery

Under normal circumstances, the electronic mod adopts mostly long-lasting battery of which output power is relatively stable and low (usually about the release of between 2A to 3.5A) battery type. The mechanical mod uses the power battery, which refers to the battery type with higher output between 20A to 35A). Firstly you should distinguish these two batteries in the purchase.

The difference in voltage regulation mode

Because the electronic mod has a circuit board, so that it can achieve the adjustment of the power level by a physical key or a specified command. Eleaf iStick TC40W receives great popularity for its adjustable voltage and also temperature control function. However, the mechanical mod, without a circuit board, can not help achieve the operation of manual regulator. However, we can make a change on the heating wire of drip atomizer to control the amount of vapor production.

The difference in vapor production

In general, the electronic mod does not necessarily achieve the ideal amount of vapor production as to smoke cigarette. The general electronic's vapor production can be almost equivalent to the amount of smoke a cigarette for 3-5 mouth, but some electronic mods because of more powerful battery and atomizer core function would be able to reach the amount of smoking 7-8-mouth cigarette and even more. However, the amount of smoke of a mechanical one can even achieve a more amazing lever. Because a single mechanical one can produce the equivalent lever of the amount of smoking 2-3 cigarettes saliva. Even though a mechanical mod can produce a very considerable amount of smoke, if without enough expertise, it can sometimes be difficult to manage this stuff.


  1. In general, the electronic mod does not really accomplish the perfect measure of vapor creation as to vapor e-juice wholesale smoke cigarette. The general electronic's vapor creation can be relatively proportional to the measure of smoke a cigarette.

  2. Mech mods industry saw the globe back within the times once cigarette-like product dominated the market. several users were sad that the batteries of their devices died early on which the devices weren't powerful enough. Vaporizer makers saw this and checked out alternative, a lot of powerful, devices for inspiration. As they were trying around, they detected that miniature flashlights had imposingly powerful 18650 batteries. So, innovators of the vape market turned such flashlights into vaporizers with success.

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